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Wear Test & Review: Vans Half Cab Pro Skateboard Shoes

The Vans Half Cab shoes have a long history: originally released in 1992, they were the second signature shoe model of the pro skateboarder Steve Caballero. The shoes have a quite unique bulky silhouette which is originated from Steve Caballero's first signature hi-top shoe called "The Cab". Steve had noticed that people were cutting his first shoe into a mid-top sneaker to give it a better comfort and skateablility. He reported this to Vans and as a result the now legendary Half Cab style was born.

Since then, the Half Cabs became very popular amongst entire generations of skaters around the world and have been established as one of the best shoes for professional skating as well as for casual wear. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Vans Half Cab shoes are still in production today and that they have been released in numerous colorways, collaborations and special editions over the years.

One of the further developments of this shoe model is the "Half Cab Pro" version which features thicker paddings, a more durable toe cap reinforced by an extra layer of rubber underneath the upper material of the cap (named Duracap) and a thicker and more spongy "UltraCush HD" insole for more comfort and impact protection while keeping the feet as close to the skateboard as possible.

The vulcanized outsoles are very flexible, provide a great board control and the typical Vans waffle pattern offers plenty of grip. But like all vulcanized soles in general the outsole will wear down quite fast if skated extensively compared to a cup sole.

The uppers are made of a combination of suede and canvas and there are also all-suede versions of this shoe. The toe cabs, heel cabs and the side panels are double-stitched and double-layered which ensures a long durability.

The Half Cab Pro shoes have medium padded tongues and collars which protect the feet and ankles against hits from the skateboard and provide a relatively wide fit and a very nice ankle support. They will need some break-in time, expect about 1-2 weeks if worn on a regular basis, after that they will feel very comfy. But there is only medium arch support out of the box, if you need more, you should consider to exchange the insole. This can be done easily because the insoles are removable and not glued in.

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Vans Half Cab Pro Rating

Durability (Uppers) 8/10
Sturdiness (Outsoles) 5/10
Shock Absorption 7/10
Foot Protection 8/10
Flexibility 10/10
Comfort 8/10
Boardfeel 9/10
Board Grip 10/10
Breathability 5/10
Footbed 7/10
Weight 6/10
Design / Style 7/10
Overall Rating:


Generations of skaters can't be wrong - the skateability of the Vans Half Cab shoes is just amazing. The newly added "Pro"-features are real improvements and make this classic 1990s shoe model even more desirable than ever before. If you look for a well-padded skate shoe with ankle support, a great board feel and perfect grip, the Half Cabs are strongly recommended.