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Wear Test & Review: Vans Docket Skateboard Shoes

Vans skate shoes with a classic "fat" silhouette, a relatively wide fit and sturdy cupsoles have become very rare in the nowadays Vans collection. Among lots and lots of slim and skinny shoe models there is only one remaining shoe which still is made in this style - the Vans Docket.

These shoes have been released in 2009 and their overall design is nicely unobtrusive with small embroidered Vans logos at the sides and on top of the well-padded shoe tongue. The uppers are made of a combination of suede leather and textiles which are stitched together in multiple layers. The toecaps and the Ollie-area are double-stitched to enhance the durability. The Docket offers a lot of hit protection thanks to the quite heavy paddings at the collar and the thick tongue. The general fit of the Docket shoes is wide (but not too wide), there is adequate space for the toes in the toecap and they are absolutely true on size.

Into the left and right side-panels of the Docket are integrated meshes made of synthetic material which are intended to ventilate the inside of the shoe. This works extremely well in practice, when the wind is blowing from the side against the meshed panels you can really feel the air steaming throughout the shoes while cooling down the feet.

The "Ortholite" insoles are glued into the shoes and are not removable but there is actually no reason to exchange them because the footbed features an outstanding arch support and a great cushy feeling. The Docket has a very short break-in time, after only about 2 hours of walking and skating the shoes have felt absolutely perfect on my feet.

The outsoles of the Docket are rubber cupsoles with the typical Vans waffle texture which gives the shoes a very good grip. The cupsoles are very sturdy and have a much better resistance against abrasive wear compared to vulcanized outsoles and are still flexible enough to provide a sufficient board feel.

The Docket shoes are available in three colorways: black uppers with black outsoles (Black/Charcoal), grey uppers with white outsoles (Charcoal/White) and black uppers with white outsoles (Suede Black/White).

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Vans Docket Rating

Durability (Uppers) 9/10
Sturdiness (Outsoles) 10/10
Shock Absorption 8/10
Foot Protection 9/10
Flexibility 8/10
Comfort 10/10
Boardfeel 8/10
Board Grip 10/10
Breathability 9/10
Footbed 10/10
Weight 7/10
Design / Style 10/10
Overall Rating:


The Docket is a truly Vans master piece - the shoes have a great look, provide a lot of protection while skating and feels perfect on the feet after a very short break-in time. For me, the Docket is the best Vans shoe model of the current collection and hopefully the production of these will not be discontinued in the near future.