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Review Es Accel Slim skateboard shoe

Review: Accel Slim skateboard shoe from ES Skateboarding Footwear

The Accel Slim skateboard shoe produced by eS Skateboarding Footwear is the successor of the popular Accel OG in a slimmed down version for the demands of modern skateboarders. Thanks to the padded mesh tongue and the additional pinholes at the side panels the sneaker provides now a better breathability.

Like the Accel OG the Accel Slim features a reinforced toe cap and ollie protection area with triple stitched seams to ensure a maximum of durability for skateboarding. Less cushions at the sides give the sneaker a sleeker look and a much more snug fit compared to the original Accel OG but for the price of a significantly reduced impact protection and less comfort.

The outsole has a cup sole design made of long-lasting 400 NBS natural gum rubber and is textured with a wheat ear shaped pattern for a good grip and flexibility. Inside of the shoe the éS STI Ortholite insole protects the foot from impacts while still offering a sufficient "feel" for the skateboard.

Except of the tongue mesh the upper material of the Accel Slim consists completely of suede leather which is easy to maintain and very durable. The shoe has a small “eS” logo patch at the tongue and a script logo embroidered at the heel area.

The éS Accel Slim skatebording shoe is available in 10 different colorways and also as a mid top sneaker version for those who prefer additional ankle support.

Overall, the Accel Slim is a modern light-weight shoe made of very durable materials and a worthy successor of the classic Accel OG. The sneaker provides a suprisingly good boardfeel for a cup sole shoe and follows the trend of a less-bulky appearence. But for those who prefer a wider fit with more comfort and more protection (like me) the original Es Accel OG is the better choice.