Skateboard Shoes Reviews - Info and Reviews about Sneaker & Skateboard Shoes

I like shoes, more specifically skateboard sneakers and I have and had a lot of them. I know this must be some kind of craziness, particularly for a man, but the look and the feel of fashionable and comfortable sneakers on my feet just makes me happy. Since my childhood in the early 1980s I like to wear skateboard shoes everywhere and everytime, for skateboarding, for casual wear and even combined with my best suit during celebrations or festive events.

I regulary check out all major skateboard shoe brands for their most recent sneaker collection and publish information and photos about shoe models which looks the best (in my opinion) on this website to share it with people who have the same passion for skateboard sneakers like me. If your shoe taste is similar to mine will hopefully give you some new style inspirations and should help you to find your next pair of favorite sneakers with ease.